Making high quality parts for our customers is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to make products that we would want to buy. We hire and train employees who share our passion for quality. We constantly evaluate our products and processes for quality improvements. Process improvement and mistake proofing is part of our work culture.

Quality System

Quality System Highlights

  • Quality engineers and inspectors deployed in all manufacturing areas
  • First piece, periodic, and audit inspections performed in all manufacturing areas
  • Quality system elements including corrective and preventive action, internal audits, and management review
  • Quality Planning (APQP) on new parts including analyzing manufacturing capability, mitigating failure modes including mistake-proofing, and controlling critical characteristics
  • On-going employee training in manufacturing and quality processes
  • Cross functional quality improvement teams
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documents available
  • On-site inspection capabilities

Quality Inspection logos

Inspection Capabilities

  • Articulated arm CMMs (accuracy +/- .003" (.07 mm))
  • Bridge CMM (accuracy +/- .00007" (0.0017mm))
  • Planar (2D) Inspection System (accuracy +/- .002" (.05mm))
  • Weld Cross Sectioning Capability including analysis of weld sections and photo-archival of images
  • Spot Weld Testing including shear and peel test with results photo-archived
  • Paint Physical Property Testing including salt spray, coating weights, direct and indirect impact, mandrel bend, hardness, adhesion, thickness, and gloss
  • Hydraulic Tank Audit Lab including cleanliness (gravimetric) testing, leak test verification, and dimensional inspection.
Quality Inspection